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US Frozen Lobster 美国冷冻龙虾 [850g]

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1. The pictures of the cooked food is for illustration only. The product you will receive is in frozen and raw form. It needs to be cooked before you consume. Our product does not include condiments. 煮熟的食物图片仅供参考。我们销售的是冷冻龙虾,需要煮熟才能食用。我们的产品不包含调味品 

Product details:

  • Approximately 850g 大约850克
  • Imported from US, widely used for Lobster Salad by the hotels and restaurants. 来自美国,广泛用于酒店和西餐里的龙虾沙拉

Health benefits:

  • Contain DHA and EPA which are necessary for vital heart function and help to prevent stroke and other cardiovascular diseases when consumed in moderation. 含有DHA和EPA,适量食用有助于预防中风和其他心血管疾病
  • Rich in choline which helps to increase brain’s productivity and efficiency. 富含胆碱,有助于提高大脑发展
  • High concentration of calcium and phosphorous, can aid in bone health, strengthening skeleton and increasing bone density 高浓度的钙和磷,可以帮助骨骼健康,增强骨骼和增加骨骼密度

Recommended cooking method:

  • Best for grilling, poaching (for salad) and baking 最适合烧烤,水煮和烘烤

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