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Cod Fish Fillet 鳕鱼 [400-500g]

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1. The pictures of the cooked food is for illustration only. The product you will receive is in frozen and raw form. It needs to be cooked before you consume. Our product does not include condiments. 煮熟的食物图片仅供参考。我们销售的是冷冻生鳕鱼片,需要煮熟才能食用。我们的产品不包含调味品

2. Contain fish scales, need to be removed before you cook.  包含鱼鳞,在烹饪之前需要除去

Product details:

  • Approximately 400-500g, will be sliced into 2-3 pieces 大约400-500克, 切至2到3片
  • Wildly caught in the sea and imported from Iceland, widely used for cod fish and chips by the hotels and restaurants 来自冰岛,广泛用于酒店和餐厅中的鳕鱼薯条

Health benefits:

  • Provides a lean source of protein that helps to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease 提供蛋白质,有助于降低患糖尿病和心脏病的风险
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acid that protects against cardiovascular disease. 富含omega-3脂肪酸,可预防心血管疾病 
  • Contain several vitamins, including vitamin B-6 for metabolic processes and brain development and vitamin B-12 for supporting nerve and blood cells. 包含多种维生素,包括用于代谢过程和大脑发育的维生素B-6和用于支持神经和血细胞的维生素B-12
  • Great source of minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus and selenium, for supporting the muscles and nervous system, keeping bones healthy, regulating heartbeat, maintaining kidney and thyroid functions.  多种矿物质(如钾,磷和硒)的重要来源,可支撑肌肉和神经系统,保持骨骼健康,调节心跳,维持肾脏和甲状腺功能

Recommended cooking method:

  • Best for pan and deep-frying and oven-baking 可蒸,煎和烤
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