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King Tiger Prawn 大草虾 [1kg]

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1. The pictures of the cooked food is for illustration only. The product you will receive is in frozen and raw form . It needs to be cooked before you consume. Our product does not include condiments. 煮熟的食物图片仅供参考。我们销售的是冷冻虾,需要煮熟才能食用。我们的产品不包含调味品。

Product details:

  • Approximately 1kg (4-6 pieces) 大约1公斤(4-6只)
  • Local,widely used by Chinese restaurants 本地大草虾, 普遍用于中餐佳肴中

Health benefits:

  • Contain protein that helps to repair damaged tissue and gain muscle mass 含有有助于修复受损组织并增加肌肉质量的蛋白质
  • Rich in selenium and zinc for maintaining healthy cells and developing strong immune system  富含硒和锌,可维持健康的细胞并发展健康强壮的免疫系统
  • Provide phosphorus, copper and magnesium for developing stronger bones 提供磷,铜和镁以增强骨骼强度
  • High content of vitamin E that lower risk of skin diseases and provides natural skin glowing 维生素E含量高,可降低皮肤疾病的风险以及提供天然皮肤的光泽

Recommended cooking methods:

  • Best for deep, stir and pan-frying and hotpot 适合炸,炒,煎和火锅


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